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Heather Scully

Heather Scully

Compliance Officer & Operations Consultant

Heather Scully has rejoined my team as Client Relations and Operations Consultant, after a brief absence.

Heather was already bringing me and my clients good fortune as a VP and Compliance Officer at NWF Advisory until taking maternity leave to have twin girls; further testimony to her passion for producing twice as much as most in her field.

In preparation for returning to the workforce, she spent a brief tenure as a consultant conducting compliance audits for a major independent broker-dealer firm, and, of course, hired a nanny.

Her 14 years experience in this industry, including Client Services, Operations and Compliance, has made her a much in demand guest speaker to students in the UCLA/PFP program regarding current FINRA compliance issues. (It wouldn't be surprising if admission to her future speaking engagements will be available on Ticketmaster!)

Heather’s primary responsibility is to keep me compliant by keeping a big Doberman Pinscher in her office.

As if raising twins weren't enough, overachiever Heather decided to take up long distance running, completing her first 10K last year. She plans to train for 4 races this year. Her training consists of going to South-Central Los Angeles at night to get chased 5 miles by gangbangers.

A native of Northern California, Heather became a denizen of the Southern end upon graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Business Administration.

Truth to tell, she was not thrilled by the idea of returning to work full time. If I say so myself, it was I who persuaded her to say yes, under one condition. I agreed to treat each of the twins as separate individuals.